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About Contrast by Design
1. differ strikingly.

by design
phrase of design
1. as a result of a plan; intentionally.

Do you feel like you're living your life by design or by default? If you've been living by default, keep reading.

You have a version of yourself that exists as you are, right now. This version may be fixed, suppressed, and stagnant...inhibiting you from living as your true expression: free from limiting beliefs and ideas about who and what you can be.

The story you're telling yourself right now about who you a LIE.

Contrast by Design helps you not only bridge the gap to where you can be, but also knock down the walls that have been keeping you stuck so you can truly experience the infinite world all around you.

We work together on unraveling the myth of who you think you are and reprogram your subconscious mind to create your reality so you can live a life well-lived. By doing so, you'll learn the frameworks to get results for life, so you can:
- deepen your relationships
- make more money
- do more of what you love

"Contrast is the intangible ingredient, the catalyst that makes life exciting. The human mind rejects monotony even to the point of destroying itself in madness, when monotony is forced upon it for too long. ... Contrast gives variety and interest, whether it be in the universe as a whole with its light and darkness, its ceaseless motion and constant change, its creation of worlds and destruction of others." - Maren Elwood
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